Aurum Bloom Collections

Tear Collection

A collection of stunning oval shapes. We were inspired by the reflections of light in a tear. Light also brings out the best qualities of 18-carat gold.

Ideal form, maximum emotion

A tear that flows down the cheek has a huge emotional power. In the conceptual process and at the design phase, we tried to study how a tear flows down the cheek and watch the tear in slow motion. The drop has a perfectly circular shape; while under the influence of gravity it elongates and takes on the shape of a tear. The tear surface is perfectly smooth which has led us to create forms that have a perfectly smooth and clear surface. 

The elements of the collection have unique futuristic shapes. Smooth, sleek surfaces reflect light perfectly, giving a beautiful shine to the jewellery and attracting the attention of observers.

Controversy around the sculpture

The Laocoon Group is one of the most famous, yet mysterious ancient sculptures. The circumstances of its creation remain unexplained until today. We do not know who created it and whether it is an original Roman sculpture or a copy of an earlier Greek sculpture. In fact, one of the hypotheses suggests that the Laocoon Group is a forgery by Michelangelo.

This two-meter-tall sculpture made of white marble refers to the Trojan War and represents the priest Laocoon and his two sons, who are fighting with sea serpents. The three figures, entangled by the serpents, realistically portray the three acts of the tragedy chronicled in Book II of the Aeneid. Laocoon's figure shows fright, fear of death and plea for rescue. His older son (the figure on the right) is just beginning to battle against the deadly grip of the serpent. The younger son (on the left) has already lost that battle.

It is a dramatic work with a complex composition that perfectly combines horror, fear, movement, power, and energy. The element bringing together all the figures is the serpents tangled around them. And that entanglement is whatyou can see in the forms proposed by our designers in the collection “Laocoon, AURUM BLOOM”. 

Obvious and unobvious beauty

We tend to look for beauty in products. We want them to complement our style and ourselves. The process of creating the In Praise of Shadow AURUM BLOOM collection pushed us to reverse this stereotypical thinking and look for beauty outside the product: in its surroundings and in its combination with the body. That is why we gave 3D form to the earrings in this collection. Thanks to this, their spatial forms fit perfectly into the natural body curves. The rings are distinguished by their shape, which forms a futuristic structure on the fingers.